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MFL Enrichment Day

MFL Enrichment Day

Hilarie Charles
Hilarie Charles
MFL Enrichment Day

Benigna Bernotaite 9B says:

Enrichment Day was a great experience as it taught me about the benefits of learning a language. We don’t only learn a different language, which will help us in the future, but we learn about other peoples’ culture and their way of life too.

On Enrichment Day, in the morning, there was a workshop set up where we rotated through different classrooms that were meant to imitate a French town. At each ‘shop’, we were introduced to a different seller and we listened to their presentation. Then, with the information that we were given, we had to fill out a sheet about each of them. This was all in French! We had a total of 75 BMS Euros that we could spend and if we bought an item from the shopkeeper, we would get a stamp. In the end, the person with the most stamps and most information about the sellers would get a prize. After break, we had a special workshop where we learned a French dance called the Can Can. Also, we created a piece of art inspired by the work of a French artist called Henri Rousseau. After lunch, we baked traditional French cakes called Madeleines.
Overall, Enrichment Day was really fun and educational.

Tom Harverson 9 says:

At the start of the day, we had to go around classrooms in a fictional French town in which there was butchers, clothes shop, stationary shop, bakery, greengrocers’ shop and a travel agent. We had 75 Euros to spend and had to keep within our budget. Next, we went to the school kitchen and made some French lemon cupcakes (Madeleines). Then we went on to art to do French impressionist art, and had to make our own collages based on those pieces of art. Finally, we went to a dance session where we had a go at doing the Can Can and made our own dance performance. All in all, it was a very different and fun Enrichment day that I will always remember.

Isabella Smith 9O says:

I really liked the fact that we got to go around the school doing different activities such as music, art, cooking and dance all connected to French and teachers played the part of different shop owners and encouraged us to use the vocab that we have learned.

Angela Muca 9B says:

All of year 9 did four different activities related to the language that they study which were spread over the day.

These activities consisted of:

Cooking: During our cooking lesson, we baked Magdalenas! (Spanish lemon cakes) We learnt the history of Magdalenas and how they are made. We also learnt about a few different traditional Spanish delicacies.

Art: During our art lesson, we learnt about Pablo Picasso! We learnt about his life growing up and what his style of art was like. Picasso Generally made his work based on his perspective of people. To show our learning we created our own interpretation of people by making a paper collage with different colors, sizes and shapes.

Dance: During our dance lesson we learnt how to do basic Salsa steps. We learnt about the origins of the Salsa and how to dance it! We also learnt that the Salsa has quite a few fast-paced steps! It is a flamboyant and colourful style of dance that was traditionally performed in duets with a male and female.

Spanish Town Trail: Finally, we all participated in a Spanish adventure trail where we went to different rooms in the school which had turned into shops! We were given a description by the shopkeeper and we had to use our Spanish listening and speaking skills to understand what the description meant. After writing down our interpretation of the description, we checked our answers to see how well we did. Then, we would pretend to purchase something using our 75 euro budget and we would have to say what we wanted in Spanish. We got a stamp in Spanish for doing this! This was a great way of practicing our Spanish speaking which tested our knowledge.

Summary of Today:

I really enjoyed this Enrichment Day because not only did we learn useful knowledge but also we had a lot of fun doing so. The activities were fun for the students as well as the staff! Thanks to the staff who arranged this wonderful day, we were taught in ways that were not only exciting but also successful in making it very interesting for all students to learn and participate. Everyone was eager to join in and test his or her knowledge, which made the day even more enjoyable. All of the students and staff were very positive and enthusiastic which added to the day. I am sure everyone took some knowledge away from today.

Zaki Alibhai 9W says:

I really enjoyed all the activities. It was great doing subjects that I do not do any more like dance where we did the Salsa. I also enjoyed walking around the town and doing the other activities as well.

Siyona Hindocha 9E says:

I really enjoyed the MFL Enrichment day because it was an engaging and educational experience. It covered different aspects of Spanish from cooking, to music to dancing to art as well as a town trail. All of these were really interesting and fun!

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