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Fantastic Year 11 Mathematicians

Suresh Varsani
Fantastic Year 11 Mathematicians

After receiving their PPE results in an empowering results assembly from our Executive Principal, Mr Turner, our Year 11 GCSE Maths students have kick-started their progress towards further improvement and the best possible grades they can get.

Each class has completed a question level analysis spreadsheet, based on their PPE papers, to enable themselves and their teacher to work smartly in planning and completing learning for the topics each individual student needs to work on the most. This information has already been shaping lesson delivery and targeted home learning tasks to have optimum impact on improving the outcomes for every students.
So much has been put in place to support our students to achieve their best. Just this week saw the start of the Maths Morning Tutorials. These are also happening for Science and English. The students end up with an additional hour and twenty minutes of focused learning in their core subjects and this intervention proved highly successful last year.

Our Maths Wednesday after school revision also kicked off this week. There was a great atmosphere and buzz for learning in each of the three different levelled sessions. We’re looking forward to seeing more and more students each week.

Our Wednesday lunchtime Maths Masterclass continues and this was well attended by our dedicated Year 11s this week too.

Our Year 12 Mathematicians are enjoying supporting targeted Year 11 students during the Tuesday lunch mentoring programme.

Mr Back, our Library Manager, has also expressed how impressed he is with our Year 11s, who have been collecting lots of past papers from him to work on in the library during any mornings, breaks, lunches, after schools and now, the fantastic Study Saturday sessions.

With so much on offer and so much positive engagement from the students, our Year 11 students should know how proud we all are of their commitment and efforts. Together, we will achieve our very best and enjoy celebrating the results on August 23rd!

Best wishes,

From all of the Maths Team.

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