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Commenced 2 weeks before the February 2022 half term, The Technology department started the E-Club for Year 7 to Year 9 students on every Thursday lunch time in room F4. The Key Stage 3 students are welcome to “dip” their hands on a range of activities from creating computer program to animation.

The club is supervised by a Year 12 student Colm Monahan who also enjoys the studies of Computer Science field and he has much experiences in creating computer programs.

In the beginning we had only a Year 7 student attend the first session. Then the 2nd week, three enthusiastic Year 7 students came to the club and use the online program called Scratch to create fun games and animations.

One Year 7 student was very proud of the Scratch game he created at home and showed it to his peers. He explained what went on inside his games and the meaning of those blocks of code he used. I glanced over his shoulder and saw some complicated chunks of codes he used in order to generate his game.

It is a delight to see Year 7 students engage themselves into computer programming and I am very proud of their achievements and enthusiasm shown in the E-Club.

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