E-Club – Come and join in the fun and become a coding expert

Michael Besisira
E-Club – Come and join in the fun and...

Here at E-Club we try to apply our technical skills and our understanding of computers to help us answer different questions which use problem-solving skills and forces us to use interesting websites (including as Caesar Cipher). The first website I was introduced to was Cyber Discovery, which made us use Caesar Cipher, QR scanner and inspecting to help us crack the codes and find solutions.

Most of the participants of E-Club have tried and experienced using Scratch and in E-Club our knowledge of Scratch is developed by Ms Gregory, our club leader, and also Google CS First, which teaches us step by step. We also do a bit of Photoshop from time to time as well to make things such as game case boxes.

Last year we were taught how to program a robot and we would like to do it next year as well. We had to input instructions on a computer (directions, positions for each ligament and actions) and then the robot would perform them in the order we put them in. This would allow us to make the robot turn, grab a desired item, turn again and place it on a conveyor belt, which would lead to a container.

Finally this academic year, Ms Gregory showed us problem-solving activities for UK Bebras. UK Bebras have Bebras tasks which require lots of logical thinking and they are normally questions computer scientists would encounter as well.

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