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Act of Kindness in the Community

Sara Ash - Deputy Headteacher
Act of Kindness in the Community

The whole school mantra, Our School has a Mind to be Kind, is discussed frequently with students and the wider community with everyone encouraged to participate in Acts of Kindness.

It was therefore lovely to hear from a member of the public about an Act of Kindness in the community by one of our Year 7 students Archie.
The member of public placed the following thank you message on social media trying to locate the helpful young man:  I’d just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the young lad that was on his way home from school, that stopped on The Rutts after clearly realising we, (my young son and I) were frantically looking for our new rescue dog that had bolted out of the front door on our return from the school run yesterday afternoon. He asked if we were looking for our dog? And showed us which direction he’d gone in and said he’d tried to stop him but he was too fast! He’s a Lurcher / Whippet X and is very quick! We did find him on Elstree Road and he is home safe and sound. Young man you are a credit to your parents and we thank you for being so thoughtful and caring. We are very, very grateful and I hope someone on here knows who you are and can pass on our heartfelt thanks. ❤️  

The Act of Kindness was eventually traced to Archie. A fine example of Kindness in action!

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