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Year 7 – Taste of the Future Day

Stephanie Knowles
Year 7 – Taste of the Future Day

This day provided year 7 students the opportunity to study subjects available to them at either key stage 4 or 5.  Each student attended a one hour workshop.

Thisana in 7 Sycamore describes her time in childcare:

In my opinion, Childcare was quite fun.  We read some stories to each other(Storytime), then we designed some bookmarks on strips of paper.

In Sociology, year 7 studied Marxism.  They had a sweet based fun workshop to help them to understand the Marxist concepts of bourgeoisie and proletarianism.   Lana in 7 Sycamore explains that in Philosophy we designed our own island, such as rules, religion and jobs. We then presented our unique ideas to the rest of the class.

Kowsya in 7 Sycamore comments that the thing that she enjoyed in Philosophy was working in a group with other in the class.

Students worked collaboratively in Philosophy and Ethics to create rules for a new society and consider the moral issues around decisions that are made.

In Psychology, students learn about the brain and memory and how the mind can play tricks on people.  Thisan says “we were very confused but it was really fun”.   A more topical session was Politics where big political issues were discussed such as Brexit, climate change and the gender pay gap.  Kowsya says “In politics we talked about the problems we had in london and brexit and how old we had to be to vote. We did really enjoy that lesson”. The Business Studies and Economics workshop divided the group into teams to act as business consultants to provide advice to Lickety Split Ice Cream Parlour.  Lots of coding fun was had in Computing.  Students particularly enjoyed the amount of choices given to them.  All three of our Sycamore reporters describe the session as “fun”. In Law students focused on different types of criminal offences.  7Willow choosing Hunger Gamesesque tribunes to enter the arena of killing.  All classes watched CCTV footage of non-fatal offences and matched the correct offence to the events.

The day was summed up by Lana of Sycamore – Enrichment day this year we had lots of fun seeing what our BMS future would be like.

Our reporters

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