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Hartsbourne Primary cookery week in partnership with Bushey Meads

Alison Hanbury
Hartsbourne Primary cookery week in...

Once I knew that HBS were organising a cookery week after the February half term, I thought it was be a great opportunity to extend a link to our new primary school in the trust. I approached Greg Harper to see if they would like any help and advice on setting up the week.  

My only stipulation was that the aim of the cookery week that I take part in is meeting the requirements of the DT: cooking and nutrition curriculum. The idea was to emphasise  the importance of healthy eating and for children to have positive cookery experiences. I also hoped the experience would also empower the teachers into being able to teach more cooking and nutrition.

It was quickly organised that I would lead sessions for Year 1, 2, 3, and 5. Year 6 had an opportunity before half term to bake beautifully flavoured breads at BMS.

The Year 2’s and 3’s were driven in the school minibus to BMS and we prepared whole wheat cheese straws. The students were so excited to be at BMS, they were very focussed and followed the recipe brilliantly.

I took Inger, our food technician to visit Year 1 at Hartsbourne where we looked into our senses and we asked the Year 1’s to taste a variety of foods from apple to lemons and dark chocolate to see if they could identify what their senses, taste, felt and saw. After that we put together healthy wraps from a range of vegetable, beans, tuna and cheese. The Year 1’s were so proud of their achievements.

I went to Hartsbourne and I brought Dena Nunes from Year 12 with me as well as Inger to work with the Year 5’s who made a beautiful rainbow couscous salad. They learnt about using the correct hand movements, the bridge and claw. For some of the students it was the first time they had used a sharp knife. They worked together so efficiently and clearly enjoyed the sessions. The Year 5’s also got the opportunity to write out a food diary and colour code it according to ‘eatwell guide’ It was clear to some of them who was eating their ‘5 a day’

Overall it was a fabulous experience for all involved and hopefully it is the start of a brilliant partnership.

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