Danceathon and Bake Sale

Annabel Simes
Danceathon and Bake Sale

On Friday 4th May 2018, the dance department held a Danceathon and Bake Sale to raise money for the new dance mirrors. Many students were in attendance to this great event, and there was such a big, happy buzz in the atmosphere. Many students from all years baked for the event, producing a wide range of treats from chocolate brownies, Oreo cake, and chocolate chip cookies to an all-time classic, Victoria sponge cake!

The Sixth Form dance students were put in charge of selling the cakes at the back of the hall and had a roaring trade with a constant flow of students from all years buying the homemade produce! The Year 10s were a great help and showed their leadership skills by leading warm-ups, stretches, and a huge mix of different dances to ‘cheesy hits’, such as the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, and many, many more! The hall was absolutely crowded with people buying and eating sweet treats, participating in the danceathon- non-stop dancing for the entire of the lunch break, and just having a good time! We raised a whopping £300 for the new dance mirrors which will be a real benefit and value to the dance department and students!

A special thank you to Mrs Hedges who made 60 vanilla and chocolate, beautifully decorated cupcakes. Also a special thanks to Mrs Andrews who made 50 of her legendary gingerbread men, and bags of biscuits and chocolate. Not only did they help by baking, they provided help and support during the event, including Mrs Andrews who dressed up with Miss Simes to promote the event! Overall, this was an amazing fund raising event that was a big success with plenty of students in attendance!


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  • mrs smith

    Fabulous commitment to raise funds for something that the dance department needs. Just just shows hard work, commitment and fun achieves results. We’ll done to all

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