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This is not an “adiós”…

This is not an “adiós”…

Abir Montes
Abir Montes
This is not an “adiós”…

Dear Bushey Meads staff members and students,

After 9 months working in this lovely school, it is now time to say goodbye.

On the first of September 2020, when I joined BMS, I could not imagine how challenging this academic year was going to be. However, I cannot be happier to have spent this tough time here, surrounded by my wonderful colleagues and students.

From the perspective of a Spanish citizen, living in a foreign country is never easy, especially when you are on your own. Different language, different food, different sense of humour… It is hard not to feel out of place.

But it also brings a number of good things that you cannot experience if you stay home, among which is the opportunity to start from zero and to make a second family, a family you have the chance to choose.

This is what Bushey Meads community has become to me this year: my family, my home, and now, a part of my identity.

Therefore, I would like to say thank you: to the members of SLT, for being positive, approachable and down to earth; to Sarah Davey, who not only has behaved my Professional Mentor, but also as my friend; to Hilarie Charles and to the MFL department, who have patiently taught me all I know now about teaching and have helped me to define my teaching style; and to all the teachers, student teachers, TAs and members of Pastoral team, who have supported me day by day and have genuinely worried about my mental health, my happiness and my progress. But especially a big thank you to the IT team, particularly James Booth, Head of Willow House and Systems & Communications Technician, who has not only supported me every single day of this year to accomplish my goals, but also has showed me the best of myself when I could not see it.

And finally, thank you to all my students, who have been my best coaches by helping me to train my endurance, my patience and my resilience, and have made me laugh and taught me an endless number of live lessons.

I wish you all the best, and although I am sure this is not a definite goodbye, I will always keep Bushey Meads School in my heart wherever I go.

Hasta pronto.

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