Maths Student Leaders take action!

Suresh Varsani
Maths Student Leaders take action!

Led by Kavya and Nathan, the Maths Student Leaders held a very positive meeting last week and went through many ideas to help the Maths Faculty move further forward.  It was great to welcome the new Year 7 leaders and have their input too.

Three immediate actions that the team will bring to fruition are:

1) Launch a weekly Maths Challenge in the BMS newsletter

2) Support the Mathletics competition during lunchtimes

3) Design engaging material to be displayed electronically in the G block corridor

The team have chosen to meet weekly during the Wednesday lunch Maths Masterclass.  Here they will be able to support fellow students as well as complete student leader tasks.  The Maths Faculty are really looking forward to the increased opportunity for student voice and influence and developments in the future.

Well done!

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