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The Proven Power of SAM Learning

Sara Ash - Deputy Headteacher
The Proven Power of SAM Learning

At Bushey Meads School we invest in the online learning platform Sam Learning to help support all our students from Years 7 to Year 13 make progress with their learning.

Research has proved that students who regularly use Sam Learning in addition to their set home learning make more progress than those that do not.

Students can access Sam Learning via the Bushey Meads website or by logging in directly to the Sam Learning website:

Login details are as follows:

It is a very useful revision tool for end of topic tests in each year group but more especially at GCSE.

Proven Impact

A ten-year series of impact studies by FFT (Fischer Family Trust) shows real impact on progress, especially at GCSE by students with 10 task hours use of e-learning. It proved that for those students who regularly used SAMLearning as a revision tool increased their GCSE grade in 2 subject areas compared to those who did not use SAMLearning.


Commit to completing just 20 minutes of SAMLearning tasks, 5 days a week for the year and see your progress accelerate.

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