Anti-Bullying Update

Helen Mateides
Anti-Bullying Update

After a very successful Anti-bullying week the Ambassadors raised £116.00.

The money raised was from sales of sweets and cakes

And yes Bushey Meads students do love their sweets !!

£58.00 was given to the Herts Young Homeless

£58.00 was given to Bullying UK family lives

Students enjoyed making posters and comic strips which will all be entered into competitions; results to be announced in future articles.

From the small survey collected only 36 percent of our students said they had been bullied, but most had told an adult or pastoral.

Students had the opportunity to fill in comments.

Some of the comments collected said:

“ I think the anti-bullying ambassadors are amazing”

“ I think the anti-bullying representatives are doing a great job on bullying”

“The anti-bullying ambassadors are very active and welcoming”

“ This has been a wonderful event, making students feel safe and welcome”

“This is a good way to stop it”

“ Bullying is rare in school “


Is what you are about to do ….. a good idea?

What if someone was going to post a

photo or message about your

brother, sister, mother, father or friend?

If that thought makes you feel sad and angry ……

Then do not post it!

Qualities of an anti-bullying ambassador

Someone …

  • Who is enthusiastic about stopping bullying by promoting kindness
  • Who cares about others and keeps an eye out for their peers, classmates and friends
  • Who is friendly, approachable, willing to listen to others problems and provide support to them
  • Who actively works to show people that bullying is uncool
  • Is a positive role model

Here are out anti-bullying ambassadors for 2019/20Anaiya-Lily, Dylan, Megan, Owen, Natalia, Melina, Pritiha, Alayna, Daniel, Katie, Abenaa, Alex, Chloe, Dylan, Harry

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