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Open Evening – Best Ever!

Open Evening – Best Ever!

Graeme Searle
Graeme Searle
Open Evening – Best Ever!

On Thursday 20th September 2018 we held our annual Open Evening and for the third consecutive year I had the privilege to wander around the school site and witness the wonderful things that were taking place.  Staff spent a lot of time preparing their classrooms and faculty areas in order to showcase the very best of what their subject area offers and and this led to a real showcase event.  The entire school looked marvellous, the activities set up for the Year 6 students were fun and this created a tangible buzz across the school.

Our smart Sixth Formers welcoming families

Sixth formers welcoming families, being very professional!

Staff were ably assisted by student leaders from Years 7-13 and it was fantastic to see so many students from Bushey Meads School give up their evening to come and help.  This just demonstrates the passion our students have for their subjects and the positive culture that exists at Bushey Meads School.

Super smart tour guides, ready to show families around their fantastic school

As always, my favourite part of the evening was to see the prospective Year 6 students and their younger siblings participate in the many exciting and interactive activities on offer.  Such examples included making circuit boards in technology, painting in art, using computer controlled robotics in IT, playing a variety of instruments in music, participating in dance routines and drama productions in performing arts, penalty shootouts in PE, building pasta and marshmallow towers in geography, using microscopes and bunsen burners in science and much more.

Playing maths games on one of our fantastic Smart boards

Families getting involved in a fun maths activity

Activities in our exceptional art department

Student modelling the wonderful art display designed especially for the guest students. Year 6 students were able to design their own feather to add to the display.

Showcasing our electronics work in technology

Working with different materials in the technology department

Food Preparation and Nutrition students showcasing their skills

Exciting work in STEM

Getting involved in a fun science experiment

Great atmosphere in chemistry lab

Mr Green carrying out a very exciting experiment capturing the excitement of aspiring scientists

Science department in full flow carrying out an array of experiments

Dance students performing for onlooking families

PE and Health students coaching year 6 students

Drama students at the ready to wow crowds with their talent!

Happy customer enjoying an activity in our wonderful childcare room

Our top Sixth Form students creating an amazing atmosphere performing for families

We are very excited about the prospect of so many new Year 6 students joining us next year and I hope the photos below go some way to doing justice to the splendid occasion.  The best thing to do however, is to come and join us for our 2019 Open Evening so you can see for yourself.

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