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Year 12 Economics trip to Haberdashers School

Marian Lewis
Year 12 Economics trip to Haberdashers School

On Wednesday, July 4, the Economics Year 12 group visited the Haberdashers School which was hosted by their economic society featuring a guest of speakers.The itinerary of this trip was to listen on the views of educated economists covering the following topics:

  1. Update on the UK Economy
  2. Is Economics a Science?
  3. Capitalism Without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy
  4. Debate: “This House Believes Redistribution of Income Should be a Greater Priority for the UK Government”

We first heard about Larry Elliott who talked about the UK economy and the ongoing affairs and altercations which impacted the economy due to Brexit, globalisation and technological advancements.

Then the event was followed by Professor Peter Oppenheimer, an economist and fellow at Christ Church, Oxford. In this talk, he discussed whether we can truly consider economic as a science. He spoke about the difficulty of establishing relationships as economic variables are constantly changing.

We were then lucky to hear Professor Jonathan Haskel, a lecturer at Imperial College London and recently appointed member of the Monetary Policy Committee, speak about Capitalism Without Capital : The Rise of the Intangible Economy, his new book. He spoke to us about how the investment in intangible assets such as software, research and development and many others differs from classic supply and demand rules.

Humza H “An excellent opportunity to engage with other student’s outside of Bushey Meads to share knowledge and open our minds to the real world.”

Rikhil Mehta (left) and Leon Hirsh (middle) had the opportunity to meet and talk to the head of Economics at Haberdashers School (on the right) which they then exchanged emails for future contact. It was a brilliant occasion to build connections.

As an Economics group, we would like to express our sincere gratitude towards Mrs Lewis for organising the trip and to the two amazing driver’s, Mr Hawkins and Mr Varsani for the safe journey.

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