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New Student COVID19 Champions

New Student COVID19 Champions

Roa Dillon
Roa Dillon
New Student COVID19 Champions

It has been exciting watching the new Student COVID-19 Champions actively taking on a leadership role across the school to help keep our community safe.

They have shared some lovely articles and photos with me to show how hard Bushey Meads have worked at making our community safe.
Thank you to the following students:
  • Ella Dillon – 7 Ash
  • Isabel O’Donoghue – 7 Maple
  • Freya Luffman – 7 Beech
  • Jenna Statham – 13 Maple
  • Zuzanna Pawlaczyk – 13 Elm
Elicia Bryan 11 Elm
Matthew Limb 9 Willow
Derry Williams-Bown 10 Sycamore
La’Raib Khan 13 Maple
Khushali Pabari 13 Oak
Kaushal Somani 10 Sycamore
Jhanavi Tiwari 11 Oak
Yehen Singankutta Arachillage 11 Beech
Blossom Santana-Spevick 9 Maple
Husain Cherawalla 9 Willow
Angela Muca 9 Beech
Aman Rahman 9 Elm
Erion Muca 9 Beech
Isa Hussain 13 Maple
Rashmi Parthipan 11 Ash
Nathan Marriott 12 Oak
Ella Dillon 7 Ash
Sarah Mannering 13 Oak
Vanshita Mishra 13 Ash
Shivani Gajjar 13 Elm

“During this period of isolation I have been able to catch up well with classwork as teachers have put the lesson slides and other helpful resources on google classrooms. My music teacher did virtual lessons on google meets so I was able to see and understand what we were meant to do using presentation slides. PPEs are also coming soon so our teachers sent us many resources like revision posters and past papers to revise from. As a result, my time during self-isolation was very productive. I had most of my books already so I completed most of the work in my book whilst some tasks had to be done online. I was able to send all the work on time as all teachers put the work up on edulink. Most of our homework was online, for example, for science we have homework on educake while in maths we use Dr Frost maths and mymaths.

The school has dealt very well with controlling the spread of COVID-19 during school. The bubbles for each year and providing different entrances for the canteen for different years really helped minimise contact between different years. Spraying down the tables and wiping them has really helped keep a hygienic environment. Teachers also keep the windows open throughout the day for ventilation which is essential to minimise the spread of corona. Furthermore, the new one way system has helped all students follow a certain part to maintain social distancing. There are also organised seating plans made by teachers so that if one person tests positive for COVID-19 then teachers can isolate everyone around them. These measures are very effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19.”

By Rashmi Parthipan 11A

Year 7 Student COVID Champions:

  • Ella Dillon
  • Isabel O’Donoghue
  • Freya Luffman

The school is keeping everyone safe by putting hand sanitizer all around the school, they have also put taps near E Block. There is a one way system where you have to walk on the left. In classrooms , they are also opening all the windows and doors. They have put all year groups in different playground areas. In classrooms you are not allowed to turn around to talk to someone behind you. They are also letting some years go out earlier to reduce the mixing of bubbles.

“Having missed a large portion of our year 12 studies, myself and most students in my year felt at a huge disadvantage. Between being overwhelmed by work set over the government-imposed isolation, the increasing severity of measures put in place and the thought of A level exams looming over us, it was fair to say that we were not in a good place. Upon returning to school, things were certainly not normal as we knew it, but in fact a new normal that we were going to have to become accustomed to. The checkpoints of sanitizers and wipes were soon a normal sight as well as spraying desks and chairs.”

Kushali Pabari 13O


“As a COVID student ambassador I was able to reinforce my knowledge on the precautions to minimise the transmission of Corona-Virus learnt from my former role of NHS COVID-19 response volunteer, increasing the importance of hygiene within school grounds. The adaptability to the One-way system and the commencement of an undoubtedly new school experience has altered our perception on the importance of Mock exams. Despite all of this, we have remained hopeful and motivated in preparation for the most important year of our school careers.”

La’Raib Khan 13M

To see photos of the COVID Champions in action click HERE

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