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Learning Support Update

Learning Support Update

Roa Dillon
Roa Dillon
Learning Support Update

Dear all our parents and carers,

It is fantastic to welcome all our old and new faces to Learning Support. We have made some significant positive changes in Learning Support over the summer and also welcomed some new staff to the team this term. We would like to welcome Mrs Doran, Miss Rollings, Mr Rasmussen who are new to the team. Mrs Ward is also back from maternity leave and now has a very handsome one year old at Little Gems.

I have had a lovely email to start my year off from one of our wonderful parents:

Good morning Mrs Dillon,

So lovely to know you are back at Bushey meads! 

I hope you had a restful Summer and I’m sure your back in full swing once again.

A was extremely happy to see you and you were his first port of call.

This morning on his own accord he took his initiative and wanted to pop into to BASE to see you

He must have explained to you what he needed.  Glad to know he took his initiative to speak to you.

Thank you so much for always being there for my son…you are definitely his backbone at Bushey Meads.
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead at BMS



We have our new A1a classroom where we are for the first time running enriching and bespoke interventions in English and Maths with additional interventions for students with dyslexia. Mr Johnson and Miss Denton have been integral in leading these, and implementing them into the school curriculum and timetables. We have a new fully equipped classroom thank you to the hard work of Mr Searle and Mr Campion during the summer holidays. If you would like to find out more about our intervention programmes please contact Mr Johnson, Deputy SENDCo.

Alternative provision:

At Bushey Meads we are so proud of being able to offer alternative provision to our students. This is something that I am passionate about as I want to see all our students reach their full potential in what they excel at. We are offering our AQA Unit Award Scheme in Years 7-11 where each student will gain certified units of study, and will be presented with their Record of Achievement folder. Our next awards evening is Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 6pm – invitations for AQA families to follow.


Therapy Dog:

Bonnie has had a lovely summer off work but much prefers to be with her Bushey Meads family. Bonnie has been straight back with our New Year 7s. For all our new parents, Bonnie is on-site therapy dog and is here to alleviate anxiety and to help with reading.

Time-Out Cards:

We are still offering our 1:1 timeout teaching space for SEND students with a much more structured focus on learning. Mrs Ward was assisting the learning of a student in Year 9 today who required timeout. We have a new positive green timeout card.

Little Reddings Reading project:

I am so excited to announce that with the support of Mrs Tregear (Head teacher, Little Reddings) and Mrs Morton, (Class teacher) that the New Year 9s will continue leading the Year 2 reading project for pupils at LRS. This morning I introduced some Year 2 reading material and gave instructions on how to lead a reading group. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm from Melody Brooke-Wavell who is excited to meet her chosen Year 2 pupils next week.

I am looking forward to watching our New Year 7s blossom into happy and independent learners, and to continue to watch our current students flourish with the support from BMS.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding SEND. [email protected]

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