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Boosting Word Power!

Boosting Word Power!

Danielle Bowe
Danielle Bowe
Boosting Word Power!

Bushey Meads English Faculty

We are committed to providing a high quality and engaging English curriculum that equips students for the future as confident communicators, assured writers and keen readers.

Well done to year 7 for a fantastic improvement in the number of Bedrock lessons completed in a month! On average our students made a whopping 28% improvement in their progress tests from last month!

We’d like to celebrate the following students who have completed the most number of online lessons in January:

Year 7

Sophie Cohen

Jude Baker

Alfie Fish

Daniel Nesbeth

Jake Kijewski

Megan Hilton

Yashvi Hingu

Nathael Bujoli-Charriere

Abdullah Al-shyiab

Year 8

Jathursan Suthakaran

Tom Harverson

Ellis Yeboah

Neo Mitchell

James Allan

Kellie Ashby

Yashwanth Nagathevan

Freddie-Ray Hale

Tishanth Manoharan

Darius Oprea

We’d like to celebrate the following students in year 7, 8 and 9 who have made top progress in their online post tests during January- well done!

Melody Brooke-Wavellt

Justin Lester

Aiden Sherlock

Djani Colakovic

Sonny Johnson

Anaiya-Lily Palan

Tom Harverson

Karen Matiya

Gideon Reuben

Polly Pryra

Ethan Njoroge

Elizabeth Musoke

Anna Sroka

Kaksha Chandarana

Sebastian Chadwick

David Barbakadze

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Carnegie Shadowing Group News

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