Issue 100 of BMS News

As another week comes to a close, both staff and students are looking forward to the weekend but we have to take a moment to appreciate the success of the Bushey Meads Newsletter. Today marks the 100th Online Issue of Bushey Meads News. This is an amazing achievement and it is because of the amazing staff/student body at BMS why we keep producing articles.

Mid way through 2014, the Senior Leadership Team felt that it was necessary to produce a weekly newsletter to give Parents, Governors and the general public an insight into what takes place at Bushey Meads School from week to week. Most articles shed light on the great quality of teaching, the ever improving student leadership agenda and inspiring comments from parents about the school. Back then the newsletter was in paper form and it was printed weekly and given to staff and students to read. As the school had never had something like this before, it was a massive achievement for Bushey Meads and it was embraced by the staff as a good idea. Below is a copy of the first ever BMS News article.

12th Sept 2014 Newsletter FINAL

The newsletter gained much traction and it was something that was anticipated weekly as there were always interesting stories. However after 115 articles, it was time to take the newsletter to the next level. In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly it was suggested that the newsletter be converted to an online system as this would improve the aesthetics and save paper simultaneously. A few weeks later the suggestion came to fruition and BMS News went digital! Changes to routine can take some time get used to so once the IT Department created the site, Mr Malik became the director general, making sure that all the articles looked good and were ready for publication.

As you can see from the images, the newsletter is still a refreshing source of media to browse through on a weekly basis. It is lovely to have a positive news outlet during these challenging times where we are compassed about with such terrible news.

Massive thank you to all the staff, students, parents and stakeholders that have contributed in any way shape or form. without you, the BMS News is not possible.

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