Lockdown Stories from Design & Technology

Lockdown Stories from Design & Technology

David Chalkley
David Chalkley
Lockdown Stories from Design &...

In 1985, the British singer Billy Ocean, released a song called “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. The meaning behind this No1 chart hit was; when conditions become difficult, people with a strong character become more determined. I bought the 7″ record, however, some 80s music hasn’t aged well!

Over the past 6 weeks of lockdown, when some of us may have struggled with motivation to do some good with our time, there have been ‘rays of sunshine’ with a strong character and determination, quietly working away at home and in gardens, making that extra effort with school work or helping to make their homes a better place to spend some time.

The images show some of the impressive activities that some of our amazing students have been involved in:

  • Aman Rahman 8Elm – developing computer programming skills using UNITY to develop a Go-Kart-Mania game.
  • Alice McLean 10Willow, Dillon Bhatti 10Maple, Sebastian Jayaratnam 10Oak – thoughtful and creative designs in IT.
  • Lucy Sullivan 12Ash, Callum Syer 12Oak – completing excellent evaluations of their social media plan.
  • Elicia Bryan 10Elm, Ella-Rose Tripp 10Elm – amazing effort on the garment project and practice NEA project.
  • Kai Shah 12Maple – completing an exam paper for home learning study and responding to Mrs Hanbury’s feedback.
  • Astor Zaghis 9Sycamore – constructing a garden multigym, a guitar stand and bike jump ramps for his garden.
  • George Baldry 9Maple – building a garden path with glass bottle edging and upcycling pallets into a garden sofa.
  • Matthew Limb 8Willow, Shiv Galaiya 8Willow, – excellent research into biomimicry.
  • Thomas Sookhoo 7Willow, Seth Freeman 7Ash, Michael Faulkner 7Elm – great effort developing their 3D sketching skills.

I’m sure this is just a drop in the ocean of all the great things our students are achieving during these ‘trying times’. Please do continue to share your admirable lockdown stories with the Bushey Meads community



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