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Staff Development Morning

Graeme Searle
Staff Development Morning
After a very successful first term at BMS, staff returned in 2018 with a Staff Development Morning.  The first hour consisted of five ICT based sessions that staff signed up for prior to Christmas.  These included:
  • See-Saw App presented by Mr Cox and Miss Kraven
  • Interactive Whiteboard Training (basic) presented by Mr Kass and Mr Booth
  • Interactive Whiteboard Training (advanced) presented by Mr Olewnik and Mr Furr
  • SIMS Attendance Training presented by Mrs Flynn and Miss Denton
  • Google Classrooms presented by Mrs Gregory and Mr Cartledge
Every session was well attended and staff left feeling confident that their increased subject knowledge will support progress in their classroom and therefore benefit the students.  We are confident that the second term at BMS will be just as successful as the first.
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