Student of the Week – Issue 30

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 30
Key Stage 3

Eleonora 8 Beech – Eleonora is an exemplary student with nearly 200 achievement points, so early on in the year.  However what is more impressive is that Eleonora has an ATL of 7 (Outstanding) in every single subject in her most recent assessment!  That is very impressive, and the excellent attitude has resulted in her being being on target or exceeding her target in every subject!  She also has 100% attendance.  What an example to each and every student at Bushey Meads!  Well done Eleonora, we are very proud of you!

Key Stage 4

Tobiasz 10 Ash – Tobiasz is in the top 10 for most achievement points in his Year.  This is a result of his hard work, enthusiasm and positive approach to his learning.  Tobiasz is always focused in lessons and he is always aiming to do his best.  Well done Tobiasz, keep up the good work.

Key Stage 5

Eleanor 12 Elm – Eleanor made a resounding impression at the recent Governors meeting.  She delivered an outstanding breakdown of the developments to our thriving Sixth Form; discussed the Student council and spoke about the many changes to Bushey Meads. Eleanor also spoke about the new and exciting Reading Mentors programme and the impact it is having on students. Very well done Eleanor!

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