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Year 12 Pre Public Exam Results Afternoon

Jeremy Turner
Year 12 Pre Public Exam Results Afternoon

It was a big day last week for our hard working Year 12 students. Having recently sat their hugely important PPEs or Pre Public Examinations, it was the time to get the results. After a final talk in the Main Hall they all revived their formal envelope of results and counted down from 10 for the ‘big reveal.’

There were tears of joy and disappointment, some superb results and those that needed to improve.

The message at the end from Deputy Headteacher Mrs Ash and Head of Sixth Form Mr O’Kelly (pictured here) was that there is still time to improve and consolidate your efforts. It is now all about maximising your potential and using your time wisely – every hour counts; the study periods, and how you use them, can really make a difference.

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