Sycamore House Update

Terry Piper
Sycamore House Update

As a PE teacher it is my job to ensure maximum participation in all lessons, regardless of any perceived physical or mental barriers. As a PE department it is something that we pride ourselves upon, including everyone in all extra-curricular activity!

I believe this is a key strength of Bushey Meads School as a whole and particularly within the House system that we have. Firstly, we have a wide variety of Heads of House, from teaching staff to associate members. It is great that we can all participate in the strong culture of the school through the events that we come together to organise and the opportunities that we create for our students.
So far this year our students have been able to participate in the House Arts Event, Christmas Entertainment and the House Food Drive, to name a few. A lot of these events allow our older students to participate in leadership roles, to better the overall student experience and develop a crucial life skill!
Looking forward, I am enthused to see the overall outcome of the House Food drive, our collection boxes have been over-flowy for weeks now! Also, we can all look forward to the House Countdown & Quiz event taking place next half term- good luck all- come on Sycamore!
PICTURES SHOW: (attached)
A year 8 boys PE class participating in a sprinting lesson, as a part of their Healthy Lifestyles unit of work. The boys can be seen timing and recording their classmates and using their mathematical skills to work out how many metres per second their peers are running at!

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