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Rewards Assemblies 2019

On the last two days of the Summer Term we held the annual rewards assemblies where we celebrated the achievements of students across the 2018-2019 academic year.

As well as students receiving rewards for particular subjects and rewards points received we also has, for the first time, rewards for Acts of Kindness which links to our school mantra ‘Our School has a Mind to be Kind’. It was lovely to see how many students received Act of Kindness rewards and really supporting the Kindness agenda at Bushey Meads.
It was also lovely to celebrate the number of reward points students acquired throughout the year as follows:
  • 33,787 – Year 7
  • 57,288 – Year 8
  • 49, 864 – Year 9
  • 15,693 – Year 10
  • 18,619 – Year 12
We also issued some students with the top Diamond award for achieving over 500 reward pints within the year as follows:
Andrea 9Maple
Megan 9Maple
Megan 9Willow
Jhanavi 9Oak
Nieka 08Willow
Qasim 08Ash
Keely 08Oak
Benji 08Sycamore
Amie 08Maple
Lleyton 08Ash
Emily 08Elm
Ashwin 08Elm
Preesha 07Maple
Darius 07Elm
Tom 07Sycamore
It was a lovely end to a successful school year and we look forward to even greater success this year.
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