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Free Brain Fuel!

Jeremy Turner
Free Brain Fuel!

Over the last few weeks our hardworking Year 11 and Sixth Form students have been extremely busy taking their final GCSE and A level examinations. Again this year staff at Bushey Meads School have really gone to the ‘nth degree’ to support the students right up until their final exam and have organised special revision sessions (many of them during the holidays and on Saturdays), are giving up their free periods to offer even more support to students just before the exams themselves and are really going the extra mile.

This certainly does not happen in every school and parents and students are quite rightly extremely thankful for their teachers’ outstanding support.

As another small but not insignificant raising achievement strategy we have even offered free bananas to students just before the exams take place to boost their performance in the exam hall. (All students need to do is ask for them at the serving counter in the School Restaurant – there will be no charge). In addition free bottles of water are also being made available to students in the exam hall itself.

This is because research clearly shows that the two ingredients of bananas and water can give students the edge and we hope that this important gesture goes another little way to helping them even more after all their hard work.

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