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Come Dine With Me

Caroline Smart
Come Dine With Me

As part of our extensive transition programme, this Wednesday all year 7 parents and carers were invited to attend our annual ‘Come Dine with me’ event . This gives parents and carers the opportunity to come and experience our excellent catering facilities here at Bushey Meads and the chance to have lunch with their child.

The event started with the parents being taken on a tour by our very helpful year 8 buddies, Blossom Santana-Spevick, Preesha Mistry, Kellie Ashby, Darius Oprea, Matthew Limb and Jathursan Suthakaran. The tour gave the parents the opportunity to see a selection of year 7 lessons as they were happening, including PE, RE, English, Spanish and History. Parents commented on how lovely it was to see their children in lessons and to see the school as it operates on a normal school day. Another parent commented on how positive the learning environment was and how engaged the students were in their learning.

After the tour, parents and carers returned to the restaurant where they met their child and were able to enjoy a meal with them. It was lovely to see the faces of the year 7’s light up as they looked around the restaurant and spotted their parents. It was clear to see that they felt proud of their school and enjoyed showing their parents the different food options. There was a lovely buzz in the restaurant as families joined together to enjoy their lunch, it was great to see families interacting and clearing enjoying their time together. There was also the bonus of the children feeling that they had brought their parent/carer lunch, although this is perhaps debatable!
Compliments most definitely go to our Restaurant Manager Alex and his team, there were clear plates all round with parents commenting on how surprised they were about the quality of the food on offer and advising that they would be “back again tomorrow”! The roast turkey and roast potatoes were a firm favourite, followed closely by the variety of puddings on offer.
As Come Dine with me ended, one parent summed the event up perfectly, stating that “it’s nice to be part of their world and see the mechanics of how the school works”.

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