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Standing Room Only!
Word has clearly spread about the talented drama students in year 11 and 13. We were absolutely delighted to see so many parents, staff and students coming to support our drama students in their devised performance exams last week. You could not have squeezed in any more of an audience. The standard was exceptionally high with a number of performances potentially receiving full marks this year.
Our GCSE students took on a range of challenging topics to explore, from Kurt Cobain’s tragic death to cannibalism! The performances contained a wonderful mature approach to the work and were delivered with absolute commitment. We are very proud of all those who took part.

GCSE Drama – Forever In Debt To Your Priceless Advice

GCSE Drama – The Internet Sucks

Not to be outdone, A-level drama and theatre studies students were inspired by Bryony Lavery’s play – Nothing Compares To You and created 2 highly original pieces of theatre using the techniques of Theatre Complicite. Never before have we seen such a wide array of skills in our devised exams. Emotional realism, physical theatre, masks, puppetry and use of projections and fans all played their part in creating two incredibly memorable performances.

A-level Drama and Theatre Studies Human Moments

A-level Drama and Theatre Studies Red

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the technical theatre students who helped contribute to a wonderful evening of entertainment. You are such an important part of GCSE and A-level drama and we could not perform at this quality without you. We are looking forward to the delights that these students will produce in the scripted element of the course which now takes centre stage.

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