Student of the Week – Issue 58

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 58
Key Stage 3


Archie 7 Elm – Archie has mad an impressive start to his Bushey Meads journey, having the most achievement points in the whole of Year 7, 133 to be exact!  Archie is an exemplary student with 100% attendance and had been praised by teachers for his excellent focus, enthusiasm and participation in lessons!  His attitude to learning is excellent and he is a delight to teach!  Well done Archie, we are proud that you are part of the BMS community and are a credit to the school and your family!

Key Stage 4

Natalia 11 Beech  – Natalia only joined us less than a month ago and has already made an excellent impression with all her teachers.  She is very focussed in lessons, has attended additional revision sessions after school and is really doing her best to achieve her potential. Despite many challenges, Natalia is rising above and finding ways to overcome them with perseverance and determination.  We are very proud of you, keep up the good work!

Key Stage 5

Hannah 12 Sycamore – Hannah has settled into Year 12 extremely well.  She has made excellent head way with her studies and embraced Sixth Form life.

Alongside her studies she is always very keen to help out with events that run throughout the school.

Greatly appreciated Hannah.


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