The team of student Eco-Leaders have met three times to discuss their current roles and ideas for the future.When asked why they wanted to be an Eco-Leader the students said: 

‘I chose to be an Eco-Leader because I am interested in and want to want to help protect the environment and plants in our school.’ Risha, 8Oak
‘I wanted to be a EcoLeader so that I could help protect the environment and reduce the amount of waste.’ Kaushal, 7Sycamore
‘I wanted to become an EcoLeader as I wanted to feel the sense of helping the community and do something positive for the environment.’ Yaashri, 9Ash
‘I wanted to be an Eco-Leader as I really like to help people and being an ecoleader meant that I could help the environment and make our school a better place. Know that I was doing my best to help make the school a better place made me happy and this meant that I was contributing to how the school should be made better.’ Nehal, 9Oak
‘I wanted to become an Eco-Leader because I really care about the environment. I try to not use the car as much as possible to save fuel. I also help save electricity (lights) in my house. I try to not use too much electricity. When I get home from school, sometimes I look around to see if any lights are on.’ Owen, 9Ash

The students, led by Yaashri 9Ash and Nehal 9Oak, have so far raised the profile of recycling within the school restaurant and have been responsible for emptying the paper recycling across the school.

Future plans include:
  • planting bulbs at Little Reddings
  • walk to school week initiative
  • school travel plan survey
  • saving energy initiatives
  • litter awareness

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