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Preparing BMS Students for Further Study at the Country’s Top Universities

Preparing BMS Students for Further Study at the Country’s Top Universities

Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner
Preparing BMS Students for Further Study at...

At Bushey Meads School, besides wanting all students to achieve beyond their expectations in all subjects to enable them to open as many doors for the future as possible, we also want to establish them as life long learners and prepare them for life and study beyond school.

For those students aiming to study at some of the country’s top universities our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) lessons give our students the edge. The EPQ is a great qualification that is worth the equivalent in UCAS points of an AS level and looks great on any CV but, more importantly, really prepares students for life and study in higher education – guiding them through how to plan, research and prepare an extended study into a topic area of their own choosing.

Student Planning Tracking Spreadsheet

Whilst we have been piloting the course for just over two years now, for current Year 12 students we have seen this programme of study really take off. Our inspiring psychology teacher Miss Lindau now oversees this important programme and works with a a very talented team of teachers to ensure that all students achieve even greater success when studying EPQ at Bushey Meads School.
Miss Lindau has introduced an excellent online platform to all students called Project Q which enables the students and their teachers to keep a close eye on progress throughout the course. In addition a clear tracking data base to assist them with their planning is also helping students complete the important aspects of the course.

Project Q Online Platform

The feedback from the students is very positive and they are all working really well to ensure great success with this qualification this year. Regular tutorials with their teacher really support their progress throughout the EPQ.

1 to 1 Tutorial with Miss Lindau

Some of the great topics and titles chosen by the students for their EPQ (often closely linked to their current A levels and further supporting their wider success at school) include:

Is terrorism the largest threat humanity faces in the modern day?

Should the NHS fund fertility treatment for clients over 42 who have no previous fertility issues?

How has technology influenced society in a negative way?

Is the death penalty effective for crime such as manslaughter or murder?

How has religion evolved over time and has this changed society in a good or bad way?

Students working on gathering data

We wish all our Year 12 EPQ students every success this year and would like to thank all our EPQ teachers for supporting them so effectively.
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