Creativity in Business Studies

Marian Lewis
Creativity in Business Studies

A number of exciting challenges and creativity activities taking place in Business Studies this half-term.The aim to improve students knowledge, skills and creativity whilst completing their studies.

Year 7

Winners of Year 7 Enrichment Day Business Activity are Rushil Shah and Mark Nirmalan from 7M, who completed an excellent visual advertisement for the ice cream parlour Lickety Split. Entrepreneurs in the making!

Year 10 -Business 

All students are taking part in an inter-class enterprise challenge. In teams they are coming up with a relevant, profitable business idea that could also raise money for charity. The final is in December and competition is fierce.

Year 12 – Business

Year 12 students have entered the National Subway Challenge with a criteria to design a successful new sub! There are some great ideas and all are hoping to make the regional if not national final.

Year 12 – Business 

OCR students are continuing to produce some excellent work and have been presenting projects on Stakeholder policy to Mrs Kinghorn. They are also preparing for their first examination which will take place next year. 

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