Get Gritty assemblies

Lauren Wright
Get Gritty assemblies

On Wednesday all year groups attended a special assembly to hear about the ‘More able today than you were yesterday’ idea.  This stems from our ‘More Able get Gritty’ programme that was originally launched at our More Able event in November of this academic year.Students were given information on how to become an expert in any area of their choice.  They were shown how the key common strands such as Passion, Perseverance, Deliberate practice, Intuition and decision making can lead to expertise.  Real life examples were given of people that have achieved these conscious improvements by devoting as little as 10 minutes per day to wider study that takes students’ beyond their comfort zone.Every student was re-issued with the ‘Get Gritty handbook’ and were asked to select an additional activity from the subject specific resource list that might assist in their learning over the coming weeks until the end of the summer term.  This might take the form of subscribing to a weekly publication such as ‘The New Scientist’; signing up to complete a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or extending their home library from the list of suggested reading.All students were encouraged to make positive decisions about their learning and then act upon them with momentum and activity.  Small changes over time can have a huge impact on levels of ability at any given moment.  Every student can be More Able today than they were yesterday; and if that mantra is put into action then I am sure that will will have heaps of experts in training here at Bushey Meads School.

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