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Great Ideas and Such Lovely Staff Feedback

Great Ideas and Such Lovely Staff Feedback

Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner
Great Ideas and Such Lovely Staff Feedback

At Bushey Meads our hardworking and dedicated staff are without a doubt our most valuable resource. Every year they take part in a comprehensive annual survey which is carefully analysed at senior leadership level and the data used to support the ongoing journey of school improvement. This year more staff than ever took part in the survey (103!) and there were many good ideas as to how to improve things further. There were also so many really positive comments made by staff from across all different areas of the school. here are just a few of their comments:

The annual staff survey is an excellent opportunity for staff to provide feedback about key issues. Senior leaders always ask for comments when drafting out the annual staff calendar and take account of their views where at all possible. The Staff Suggestion box is taken seriously. Teaching is a tough job but when you are in a positive environment with other hard working and like-minded colleagues who are happy to always share ‘best practice’ it makes for a very motivational and positive daily experience in the workplace.

My colleagues at Bushey Meads (particularly within my faculty) are wonderful, committed people to work with, and they make coming to work a joy. My Head of Faculty is also excellent, and cares very much about the well-being of the staff who work with her.         

I have always been so supported in my short time at BMS. I think the school is excellent at giving staff opportunities if they want them. All my ideas have been considered and I have been given the freedom to implement them. I have not worked at school where the leaders are so innovative and happy for staff to move up in their careers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make so many changes in my faculty.           

I think that leaders have managed the school extremely well this year during these unprecedented times and have communicated well in very difficult circumstances. Bushey Meads School is a great place to work and I am very grateful to be part of the school.

In the short time I have worked at BMS, I have felt welcomed by all of the staff that I have met and I have felt well supported in my role, even in the current Covid-19 situation. 

Despite these last few months being incredibly difficult placing many more challenges in the paths of both staff and students, I feel that the majority of people have risen to the challenge and taken it in their stride. The school’s mantra of having ‘A Mind to be Kind’ has been at the forefront throughout. Genuine care and concern for others’ wellbeing. The BMS family is going through this journey together and are becoming stronger. The students surprise me every day with their resilience and ability to take things in their stride – this also applies to life before Covid-19. Over this last year, I have finally started to find my feet in the school despite having worked here for a great number of years. I now feel valued and appreciated which in turn is helping my confidence to grow and allowing for me to think about furthering my career whilst remaining at Bushey Meads for, what I hope, years to come.

There has been a great level of support for NQT’s.  

Bushey Meads is a very supportive school that exudes its ethos ‘to have a mind to be kind’. It is immediately apparent that students do care about one another and generally have respect for each other.

BMS is an excellent school, and I thoroughly enjoy working here.

I enjoy working at the school. 

The students and staff continue to make BMS a pleasant working environment.  

Some of the statistics were also extremely powerful to read:

  • 98.2% of staff stated that pupils are safe at this school.
  • 94.3% of staff stated that the school challenges all pupils to make at least good progress
  • 91.3%  of staff stated I enjoy working at this school

and nearly 90% of staff said that they are proud to be a member of staff at this school!

As one of the comments said teaching is a tough job at times but it makes it so much easier when you work with such positive supportive colleagues. BMS is a truly great place to work!


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