Ending the First Half Term on a High!

Jeremy Turner
Ending the First Half Term on a High!

It was lovely to see all our Year 7 students so proud and excited to showcase to their parents and carers what they had achieved during their first 7 weeks of their seven year journey of learning through Bushey Meads School. As Assistant Headteacher Mr Searle (who oversees the Year 7 cohort) said at the end of the inspiring evening “based on what they have achieved so far already, it will be amazing to see their accomplishments at the end of Year 13 – no doubt all heading off to very exciting futures at top universities and apprenticeship and work placements beyond our school.”

The work on display from across all curriculum areas was superb and demonstrated how much effort our new students have made, both in and outside of their lessons; many creative, home learning projects stole the show!  The dance, drama and music performances and the professional way that the students themselves compered the whole evening showed just how confident our students have become in such a relatively short space of time. Speaking and performing in front of an audience of 300 is a significant accomplishment in itself. 
The new [email protected] was the perfect venue to celebrate the students’ achievements in our brilliant art department – now enhanced with new classrooms and a state of the art Apple Mac Digital Studio. Parents enjoyed their guided tours of the new spaces before attending the live performances in the Main Hall. 

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