Student of the Week – Issue 19

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 19
Key Stage 3

Leo 9 Maple – Leo had an excellent year last year, and was consistent in getting achievement points, high ATL scores and good attendance. Leo has an excellent attitude to his learning, demonstrated by his punctuality, organisation and focus.  He has already made a excellent start to this academic year, making the top of the achievement point table for his year.  Keep up the excellent work and no doubt you will have another successful year at Bushey Meads.  Well done!


Key Stage 4

Irvine 10 Maple – Irvine had a a brilliant academic year last year, with ATL scores all a 6 or above.  He works hard in all his lessons and has already been rewarded for his exceptional attitude this year.  Irvine has made an excellent effort in completing his GAP tasks and is a pleasure to teach!  What a great start to his GCSEs.  Well done for all your efforts!




Key Stage 5

Victoria 13 Oak – Victoria has been working diligently towards her goal of University. Her plan is to study either Sports Psychology or Criminology. She has been searching the Internet and preparing for visits to potential University cities. With her continued hard work and determination in each of her subjects we are confident she can achieve her goals and attend any University she wishes.


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