My MOOC Journey – Week 4

I have now successfully completed week 4 of my MOOC on ‘The Tudors’ with only 2 more weeks to go.

This week was particularly interesting as it focused on the Tudor monarchs who had relatively short reigns:
  • Edward VI
  • Jane I
  • Mary I
    There was much discussion about the succession following the death of Edward VI and who should be the next monarch. Henry VIII wanted his daughter, Mary, to be the next Queen. Edward VI however did not want this as she was a Catholic so he wrote in his Device of Succession that the next ruler should be Lady Jane Grey, a Protestant.
    Lady Jane Grey only ruled England for 13 days so many people do not regard her as a Queen. The Professors at the University of Roehampton disagree and state that she should be titled Queen Jane I.
    Next week the MOOC starts to look at the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

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