Rounders Years 8 & 9

Diane Cartledge
Rounders Years 8 & 9

The year 9 rounders team had their 2nd match against Bushy Academy last Thursday ( 24th May) We were short a few players, so we had 3 year 8 students joining the team. We began with batting and consistently produced some strong hits which quickly built up our score to 12. Our fielding was equally impressive with accurate throws , quick reactions and strong catches. This prevented Bushey academy from scoring many rounders and their final score was 2

Score: Bushey Meads 12  Bushey Academy- 2
Players : Skye Narroway, Ellie Rowe, Andrea Hutchison, Maisie Hayes, Zuva Makoni, Eunice Yeboah, Alice Elman, Maisie Wraight
Player of the match: Ellie Rowe,  voted by opposition players and Mrs Cartledge. This was for very quick reactions in getting players out at 2nd post.
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