KS5 Masterclass

James Donovan
KS5 Masterclass

Since Early March, we have introduced a league table based on attendance to lunchtime Masterclass. Students have arranged themselves in teams, with a point gained for each session they attend.Since March, this has added up to over 80 hours of extra Maths, where support can be given on problem questions.

So far, Kajal’s team are doing fantastically well, with other teams working to close the gap.

Well done to Orran and Kajal who are doing a great job in encouraging attendance.

All these extra hours help to give students the extra edge.

Well done to all for attending and please come along to the remaining sessions before the exams.

Here are the standings:

Kajal’s Team (Kajal,Helen, Kimeera, Juliana)                       41 points

Orran’s Team (Orran, Elin, Tehya, Jordan)                           24 points

Santhana’s Team (Santhana, Zaynab, Catherine, Linden)   22 points

Sam’s Team (Sam, Michael, Myah, Jayson)                         14 points

Jess’s Team  (Jess, Amie, Aaron) -1 more needed               11 points

Nigel’s Team (Nigel, Davis, Louis, Ajin)                                 10 points

Marek’s Team (Marek, Dylan, Ryle, Tracy)                             5 points

Oswald’s Team (Oswald, Mohammad,Cameron, James)      5 points

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