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Year 7 get to grips with the science behind textiles

Year 7 get to grips with the science behind textiles

Hannah Budd
Hannah Budd
Year 7 get to grips with the science behind...
My year 7 Design and Technology class have just finished a project making phone protectors and I wanted to share with you some of their fantastic work.
The students had to decide what fabric they were going to use based on material properties. We have completed a range of tests and experiments such as
  • Looking at how polymer based fabrics react with heat
  • Exploring how natural and synthetic fabrics respond to abrasion tests
  • How modern materials can help keep your phone clean
  • How the construction of cloth can make a fabric more or less water resistant.

A lot of students were surprised by how scientific design and technology actually is. Top fashion and sportswear designers need to choose their materials taking into account how they will work, and for our phone protectors it is no different!

Students had to create the most effective phone protector that they could, choosing the materials that would provide features such as cushioning and protecting the phone, and saving it from water damage.
As well as creating a functional product they had to make it commercially viable, and they created vibrant and eyecatching designs using thin thermoplastics, bonded together using the heat press.

Finally the whole thing had to be joined together using the sewing machines- for many this was the first time they had used a sewing machine, and they did really well. Some even became ‘experts’ showing others what to do and hel​​ping them out when they got stuck!

Here are some examples of excellent final products and students demonstrating their calm and confident use of the sewing machines;

​Pikachu design Alvin – 7S​

Star Wars design Mihir – 7S​

Unicorn design Kajana – 7E​

​Some students with their finished phone protectors​

​Students hard at work​

Using the sewing machine

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