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Student Learning Consultants at BMS

Student Learning Consultants at BMS

Graeme Searle
Graeme Searle
Student Learning Consultants at BMS

The Student Learning Consultants (SLCs) are a group of students who liaise regularly with the staff at BMS with the sole intention of helping to improve teaching and learning across the school.
Certain tasks are performed regularly such as greeting visitors when they enter the classroom and explaining what is being covered in the lesson so they are aware of what is going on.

Other jobs take place less frequently but are by no means less important. Examples include speaking to staff about teaching and learning so we are aware of things from a student perspective. On February 1st, seven SLCs spoke to 150 teachers from across Herfordshire at a Stretch and Challenge Teacher Toolkit session that was hosted at BMS.

All of the SLCs have recently attending training sessions with Mrs Fisher (HR Manager) on how to conduct effective interviews. In future, every time there are prospective candidates being interviewed for a job at BMS, a small group of SLCs will be selected to sit on the student panel to interview each candidate – their feedback being presented to the senior leadership team which will help inform the overall decision.
The next item on the agenda this year for the SLCs is ‘starter activities’ in lessons.  The students will be trained to deliver a 5min activity to the rest of the class at the start of the lesson to help the subject teacher and support the learning of the students.  This will require liaising with their teachers, planning specific activities and building up their confidence to present to a class of their peers through regular practice.

The SLCs (listed below) have made a fantastic start to the year and have had a positive impact on teaching and learning at BMS.

  • Derry Williams-Bown
  • Ayyan Chaudhry Shamas
  • Keiran Hughes
  • Andrea Tamang
  • Deepa Patel
  • Antony Edwards
  • Rakchiga Kajenthiran
  • Shajesh Jeyashanker
  • Mishel Warnasooriya
  • Shanaya Hirani
  • Riya Patel
  • Nehal Pabari
  • Luxsa Ravishanger
  • Silvia Ravishanger
  • Tulsi Harania
  • Sobiha Veluppillai
  • Liyandra de Silva
  • Ibiso Harry-Brown
  • Hannah Barry
  • Iga Morka
  • Samantha Chang
  • Mercyha Veluppillai
  • Divija Nithiananthan
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