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Year 10 Work Experience 2018

Di Mcildowie
Year 10 Work Experience 2018

Earlier this month all of our year 10 students had the opportunity to experience the workplace.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the change of routine and being given the opportunity to try new skills in the workplace,such as self-confidence, communication, independence and teamwork, depending on what kind of placement they did.

Students worked in a wide range of different industries from healthcare to business, retail to education, adult care to engineering – just to name a few.

Antony and Luka completed  their work experience at Summerswood primary school.

The school were impressed with their attitude and willingness to work with the children. They both enjoyed their time there. One of the days Luka took small groups for reading and other activities. Antony supported teaching in IT.

Brian was working for Hansons Catering at BRE (Building Research Establishment). Tthey described him as a hardworking, lovely student who is very polite and respectful. He has been baking cakes and preparing cold foods.

Freddie was at the the Premier Inn and the manager has been impressed with his hardworking can-do attitude and would offer him a job in the future. Even in the bad weather we had, Freddie was walking to work and arriving on time at 7.00am every day.

 Other placements included Herts Fire Station, Bushey Library, Bushey Meads Drama, Dance and Technology departments and Little Reddings Primary school.

10Beech giving their work experience presentations to their form tutor, the rest of their classmates and the Work Related Team.

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