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On enrichment day, Year 7 students spent the day learning on the theme of Not Harming Others, underpinned by our school mantra of Our School has a Mind to be Kind and the core values of Respect, Responsibility and Relationships.

Part of the day was spent creating a poem or a short story based on their learning, some of which were then performed to the entire year group in an assembly.
A personal favourite was by Archie in 7Elm:
Living Without Harm
Frozen in time,
Oh I wish everything could just be,
My wish is granted!
I feel free.
As I wave farewell,
To my days of misery.
Bullies have vanished,
The humiliation is gone,
Oh why wasn’t my whole life,
This beautiful song.
I felt alone and hopeless,
Now I am proud,
And I even have an array,
of friends around!
Not everyone’s life ends like this,
In some,
The sadness goes on forever.
So I ask you.
I ask you now,
To make a simple, 
sincere vow
People are suffering,
And they need you,
For it takes two,
To save lives.

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