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Synergy within Ash House

Synergy within Ash House

Unami Tenga
Unami Tenga
Synergy within Ash House

Today marks seven weeks since the last Ash house update. Since then, there have been unbelievable highs and some learning experiences. We have also been battling through the devastating plague that has affected our lives and the lives of many others around the world for over a year. Due to this plague we have not been able to co-ordinate and run the house events that we usually do but I have discovered so much about the house system that I did not see before.

I was of the opinion that it was the house events that united the students but I have visited all of the character development groups during CDC time and I have been blown away by the togetherness within the classes. It is clear to see that there are genuine friendships being built across the year groups each day and that reinforces the quote that says “We are stronger together”. Through all the turbulence the students have been through they seem to be moving forward and that is inspiring.

The good thing about the house system is that it is not academic, it gives the students a chance to engage with each other students in their own year as well as other years and build relationships. With that being said, I must take a moment to thank each and every one of the Character Development Coaches, not only do they plan and teach lessons, they make an effort to start the students’ day in the best way possible. I reached out to each of the CDC’s and asked which student(s) have been embedding greatness recently, Here are a few of the names were given:

7 Ash – Mr Cartledge

  • Maanav Patel – For having an enthusiastic approach and attitude to all CDC activities
  • Ben Okeke / Seb Juracek – For helping to organise sports teams
  • Isabella Palan / Abbasali Muraj – Excellent role models to the rest of the CDC group

Year 8 – Mr Burley

  • Sharly Harris – Resilience, focus and effort throughout the year.
  • Jake Kijewski – For being a model member of the CDC group in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour and work ethic throughout the year.
  • Ibiye Harry Brown – For being a model member of the CDC group in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour and work ethic throughout the year.

Year 9 – Mrs Hargreaves

The following students took part in a house football / basketball competition and they won!

Samarth, Ethan, David, Brandon, Thacsiyan, Jathursan

Nathan Hamilton was mentioned for his positive attitude in the CDG and participation in class discussions.

Year 10 – Mrs Bowyer

  • Holly Harris for always trying her best
  • Ruhi Dodhia for her commitment towards her schooling
  • Nazib Chowdhury for his constant cheeriness, and always willing to help
  • Stephan Nicoll for becoming part of the BMS team so easily and quickly

Year 13 – Mr Mehta

  • Matthew G – For being an extremely considerate and proactive member of the CDG, and doing an excellent job representing the CDG as the student representative
  • Samuel B – For demonstrating an excellent attitude and work ethic throughout the year
  • Megan S – For always being willing to contribute to discussions and demonstrating an excellent attitude and work ethic.

There are a myriad of examples listed in this article showing some of the excellence that takes place within Ash House. Although some students may think that the house system is about getting reward points and winning the house cup at the end of the year (which we are going to do) I think it’s quite clear to see that the house system is so much more than that. It’s a lifeline to some students, a safe haven and a support network. As long as the students of Bushey Meads School are happy and excelling, no prize in the world could top that.

As I bring this article to a close it would be remiss of me If I didn’t reflect on the amazing news shared by Gabriela of 12 Ash. Gabriela sent in her artwork into an art gallery and they have put her work up upon the walls for all to see. The open evening was on the 19th May and I hear it was a success.

Thank you students! It’s an honour and a privilege to serve as your Head of House.

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