A Great Week for Year 7s!

Jeremy Turner
A Great Week for Year 7s!

With New Beginnings as our Theme of the Week this week it has been so great to see our new Year 7 students settling in so well to Bushey Meads School. With Monday being their first day, and no other year groups on site, it was excellent to see them building up their confidence as they moved around the school, enjoying the different activities arranged for them throughout the day.

Many of the students had made a superb effort with their fantastic Me Capsules – specially decorated shoe boxes with items inside that depict something about them to show their new friends within their Tutor group.

At the end of the day Assistant Headteacher Mrs Wright hosted a final assembly attended by a good number of parents; they all enjoyed listening to some specially written poems about the first day, some explanations about the students’ Me Capsules and they really loved seeing images on the big screen of their children really enjoying their all-important first day at secondary school – one of many more to come!

Later this week the students have all been working hard in lessons across the school, listening to their teachers, handing in their book reviews and ‘Best of Me’ work and making those really good first impressions – aiming for a high Attitude to Learning grade in all of their subjects on their first report to be issued later this term.

This was one of their lessons – a reading lesson in our ‘state of the art’ Learning Resource Centre or LRC, a busy hub of the school managed by one of our many outstanding teachers, Mr Back the LRC Manager. All Year 7 and 8 students have a weekly reading lesson and the LRC is also where our popular home learning club takes place after school.

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