The Power of Praise and Recognition!

Jeremy Turner
The Power of Praise and Recognition!

It was superb this week to receive such a glowing email message from the parents of one of our recently nominated Student of the Week at BMS. As you are no doubt aware, each week we choose just 3 students from across our student body to receive such an award so, from 1250 students, it is a very prestigious nomination.

Their message summed up the impact of the award:

Dear Mr Malik,

Thank you for nominating our daughter to be Student of the Week. She was very pleased with the news and it came just at the right time as she had a bit of a wobble recently and looked like she might have lost a bit of inspiration.  This has put her back on track and will hopefully add fuel to her desire to achieve.  As the news of her achievement spread to relatives abroad, she received phone calls of congratulations and also a box of chocolates.

The excellent student leadership programme you have at the school does wonders to capture the spirit of students and build their confidence in the correct way. Had she gone to any other local school, I am sure she would be seeking this attention through other channels and would not be achieving the way she does at Bushey Meads. 

Thanks again.

Year 8 Parents

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