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Year 5 Muffin Makers

Jeremy Turner
Year 5 Muffin Makers

It was a real privilege to watch Miss Hewitt our outstanding KS2 – 3 teacher of design and technology welcome Year 5 students to Bushey Meads School on Friday 24th May to take part in a food and nutrition lesson as part of a series of healthy eating and well being activities.

After recapping on their prior knowledge of what constitutes a healthy diet, the students considered how they might adapt a standard recipe to make it healthier.

Then it was straight into action in the industry standard kitchen to make their healthy muffins.I was really impressed with their excellent behaviour, engagement with the learning and hard work. Mrs Hewitt herself commented on their good subject knowledge, their hard work and effort throughout the lesson, their excellent ability to work collaboratively and willingness to clear up so well at the end of the lesson. (Not excuses at home now!)I had the privilege of meeting with Mrs Rissen later in the day and told her what a credit all the pupils were to her as the Headteacher of Little Reddings Primary School and all wonderful staff and parents and carers associated with the school.For me Michael was my ‘stand out’ student – for contributing so positively throughout the lesson!

By the way the muffins looked amazing!

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