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PE Health and Health Faculty News

PE Health and Health Faculty News

Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
PE Health and Health Faculty News

Year 7 v Immanuel (District League) HOME Mr Harris
Date : Monday 8th November 2021
Result : Won 4 – 0
Scorers : J. Cunningham, F. Fowler (x2), H. Neal.
Squad : J. Hiett, Z. Zeb, R. Cooper, B. Neulaender, S. Ardeleanu, L. Browne, L. Dimon, L. Avci, H. McManus, H. Neal, N. Walters, J. Cunningham, F. Fowler
Commended performances : H. Neal, J. Cunningham

Comment : In this game, we faced a tough Immanuel side at Bushey Meads. We initially came into the game off of a win before half term against Westfield School. We continued our good form in this game where we came out of the block fast and managed to create some chances, getting in behind their defence and having lots of shots on the goal. Soon into the first half F. Fowler managed to curl a shot nicely over the top of the Immanuel goalkeeper and into the net, taking the score to 1 – 0. Later on in the half we doubled our lead with a whipped free kick in by H.

Neal got his cross on target and it whistled into the net, even with a slight deflection on the way. Finally towards the end of the first half, F. Fowler got in on goal again and managed to slot it home calmly into the bottom corner. We came into halftime winning 3 – 0. Into the second half, we continued our dominance winning the midfield battle throughout the whole game, it was also a similar scene in defence, balls being played through by Immanuel but no success for them. J. Hiett was very quiet in goal during the game but had to make a few smart saves throughout. J. Cunningham came onto the pitch at half time and was able to really influence the game with his strong presence, scoring a few goals which were ruled marginally offside.

Finally in the second half, J. Cunningham collected the ball from deep in our midfield, took it past three or four players from Immanuel, finally being dragged down to win a penalty which he stepped up to take and slotted home for our fourth goal. The game finished 4 – 0, an excellent result to start the term and onto our tournament on Monday 15th.

Year 7 6-a-side tournament at Westfield Academy AWAY Mr Harris
Date : Monday 15th November 2021
Result : Team 1: 1st Place overall. Team 2: 2nd Place overall.
Team 1: J. Hiett, B. Neulaender, S. Ardeleanu, L. Bird, L. Avci, H. McManus, F. Fowler, J. Cunningham.
Team 2: E. Richards, Z. Zeb, R. Cooper, L. Dimon, H. Wills, K. Gibson, N. Walters,
Commended performances : ALL

Comment : On Monday night we took two teams of students to Westfield Academy to take part in the annual 6-a-side tournament alongside Westfield Academy & Immanuel College. We played a 6 team round robin tournament, followed by a final game to decide the winners after each team had played everybody. We split our teams up as equally as possible. The tournament was fiercely competitive amongst all involved with a great spirit and sportsmanship shown throughout by all. Goals came from all over for both teams from defenders to midfielders to attackers all being on the scoresheet. Not to mention some fantastic goalkeeping by J. Hiett & E. Richards when called upon.

Team 1 went through the tournament unbeaten and without conceding a goal, whilst Team 2 had a similarly great record, only conceding 2 goals and losing one game during the round robin. As a result, it ended up with Bushey Meads Team 1 vs Bushey Meads Team 2 in the final match. The final match, a rematch of a competitive 0 – 0 draw during the round robin competition was repeated and with the eventual winners being Bushey Meads Team 1. Both teams were a credit to the school on the day, with impeccable behaviour and sportsmanship throughout.

I think that the fact both Bushey Meads teams made it comfortably to the final, is a credit to the strength of the two teams which we fielded today. Unfortunately there had to be one winning team but I feel that having both teams in the final is a win in itself for all. A special mention goes to those players who have not been able to play for the team so far this season/very little. These were E. Richards, H. Wills, L. Bird, K. Gibson. Excellent work, onto our postponed fixture vs Hemel Hempstead School very soon.

Year 8 v Immanuel (District League) HOME Mr Cartledge
Date : Tuesday 16th October 2021
Result : Lost 5-1
Scorers : R Christou-Totesaut
Squad : J Gladdy, A Muraj, G Guainiere, J Allan, L Fearnside, B Okeke, S Mowle, R Christou-Totesaut, E Ansu Otu, A Worth, D Mahmud, K Fung, L Amin
Commended performances : L Fearnside

Comment : The Year 8 teams winning run came to a halt with a disappointing defeat to a strong Immanuel team. Despite creating a number of chances in the first half the team went into the break 2-0 down after a 2 minute spell where the boys lost concentration in defence. The second half saw the team caught on the counter attack as they chased the game. It was certainly an important learning experience for the boys with the key requirement of staying together and being supportive when things don’t go the team’s way a key area to focus on in the future.

It was a bumper week of junior girls football last week with league matches and a tournament. Despite some tough matches it’s been really noticeable to see the girls begin to gel as a team and improve match on match. Big thanks to Miss Rollings and Mrs Isles for all their hard work with the team.

Junior Girls v Reach Free (District League) HOME Miss Rollings
Date : Monday 8th November 2021
Result : Lost

Squad : Ariella Benjamin, Mimi Dillon, Sophia Kitto-Mentor, Ella Dillon, Imogen Diston, Taylor Bracewell, Jazzmin Foyster, Layla Brown, Sophie Seeby, Alyssa Khan, Rovena Gagiskyte, Daisy Beeton
Commended performances : Ariella Benjamin, Layla Brown, Ella Brown
Comment : We continued to see an improvement from our new footballers and they are now understanding the game better. They have an increased understanding of their role on the pitch and where they can improve their performances. Well done to all the girls on a tough match and special mention to A.Benjamin on a great penalty save!

Junior Girls (District Powerleague Tournament) Miss Rollings
Date : Wednesday 10th November 2021
Results : W, D, L, L, L, L, L
Squad : Ariella Benjamin, Mimi Dillon, Ella Dillon, Sophie Seeby, Imogen Diston, Daisy Beeton, Layla Brown
Commended performances : Mimi Dillon
Comment : For many of the girls this was their first experience of 5-a-side football which is a completely different game! They did extremely well and picked up the rules very quickly working well as a team, in particular M. Dillon seemed to cover every inch of the pitch making brilliant tackles. Our first draw came thanks to a goal by S.Seeby, this was then followed up by our first win of the season against The Grange with a goal from I.Diston. Well done girls on a brilliant performance!


Year 7 v Futures Academy Watford (District League) Away Mrs Cartledge
Date : Wednesday 10th November 2021
Result : Lost 2-0
Squad : E Mullings, A Khan, H Sookhoo, E Gyici, N Olabodin, H Gascoigne, K Shah, L Dene,
Commended performances : E Gyici for excellent defending in the circle.
Comment : After a nervous start the girls settled and started to produce some great interceptions and effective passes down the court. A spirited effort with some great defending in the circle.

Year 7 v St.Michaels (District League) Away Mrs Cartledge
Date : Wednesday 10th November 2021
Result : Won 6-3
Squad : E Mullings, A Khan, H Sookhoo, E Gyici, N Olabodin, H Gascoigne, K Shah, L Dene
Commended performances : K Shah for great movement and passing down the court.
Comment : The girls played this match after the Future academy’s game and so this really helped as the girls were more confident in their passing, defending and shooting. The girls showed real determination to hold onto their lead and it was a well deserved first win for the team

Year 8 v Reach Free (District League) Away Mrs Cartledge
Date : Wednesday 10th November 2021
Result : Won 11-0
Squad : S Doran, V Hil, L Cloote, Z O’Brart, E Bird, I Wijerathna, M Bazile, L Winslett.
Commended performances : l Cloote for fantastic movement and shooting in the circle
Comment : This was a fantastic performance by the year 8 players. The passing, defending and consistency in shooting was excellent and as a result Reach Free had very few chances to shoot. It was lovely to watch and a very well deserved win.

Year 8 v St.Michaels (District League) Away Mrs Cartledge
Date : Wednesday 10th November 2021
Result : Won 10-3
Squad : S Doran, V Hil, L Cloote, Z O’Brart, E Bird, I Wijerathna, M Bazile, L Winslett
Commended performances : M Bazile for fantastic interceptions.
Comment :This was a more difficult game for the year 8. They had to work harder to keep possession. But again consistent accurate passing, great movement on court and superb interceptions led to a convincing win. Well done to all the girls for a strong performance in both games.


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