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BSJT Teacher Toolkit

Graeme Searle
BSJT Teacher Toolkit

On Wednesday 21st November 2018, all teaching staff across the Bushey St James Trust (BSJT) convened at Hartsbourne Primary School.  The BSJT in its current form – consisting of three schools – started in December 2017 and immediately the leaders across the BSJT were adamant that we were a ‘multi academy trust’ in more than just name only.  We wanted staff from all schools to meet regularly, speak to each other, share good practice and learn from each other and most importantly, plan collaboratively so that the students benefitted.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, teaching staff across the BSJT met once per term for a training session and while these events were very beneficial, this year we wanted to have more regular collaboration at a subject level.  Therefore, on Wednesday 21st November 2018 each subject teacher met with their counterparts in the other schools to collaboratively plan a ‘Cross Phase Project’ that would benefit students across the BSJT.  You can see these planning sessions taking place in the photographs.

On Wednesday 3rd July 2019, all of us will convene again at Little Reddings Primary School and each subject area will give a 5 minute presentation on the Cross Phase Project – including details about the rationale behind the project, the impact it has had, photographs / videos of the students participating and key next steps for the future.

This is a really exciting prospect for our students and in July I will publish another newsletter article on the Cross Phase Projects so you are aware of what has taken place.


‘A welcome opportunity  to plan collaboratively and work together  towards our short and long -term goals.’ Mrs Charles – head of MFL at BMS

‘The BSJT TTK was a great chance to discuss future ideas with colleagues from across the Trust. Some great plans have been put forward that will enhance the collegiate relationships and create a buzz about fundamental skills in English. Watch this space for the BSJT SPaG Bee Contest.’  Mr Lester – head of key stage 4 English 

‘English colleagues were provided with a forum to discuss and formulate a plan designed to engage students, parents and colleagues; we aim to promote a reading culture and endeavour to develop the functional skills of English across the trust.’  Mr Johnson – teacher of English (BMS)

‘It was great to have the opportunity to meet some of the Maths team at Harstsbourne and Little Reddings and explore ideas which would help enrich students’ Maths education across the trust. In particular, I think  observations and teaching at different schools will give all schools an awareness of the strategies needed to embed learning at different levels, and help ensure a seamless and successful transition for students into Bushey Meads.’  Mr Donovan – Deputy Head of Maths (BMS)

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