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Bonjour Little Reddings!

Hilarie Charles
Bonjour Little Reddings!

Every Friday afternoon Bushey Meads Language Leaders go down to Little Reddings in groups of four to support a Year 5 French class. We have a rota so that every language leader is able to participate.

This week, it was Yashri, Sobiha, Nehal and Venisa’s turn to visit Little Reddings and they prepared for the visit early in the week by practising key vocabulary on the topic of school.

“It was a pleasure seeing Year 5 and Bushey Meads students work collaboratively and it is hoped that this connection will continue to inspire their language learning journey.” – Yaashri

We began with a simple pronunciation activity that challenged the students and started off the lesson well as everyone was joining in. After that, we played a lip reading game and we had lots of fun. It was an amazing experience and I am really pleased to have opportunity to improve my leadership and communication skills. – Venisa

“The trip was a new experience for me and provided me with a new perspective of younger students and how they learn. It was exciting to help them improve their learning process and extend their French vocabulary. All in all I found it very productive.” – Sobiha

“Going to Little Reddings and working with the younger children really opened our eyes and it was a experience we won’t forget; The joy on their faces when they understood the vocabulary was something to remember. They were able to form sentences and have a good time and I’m glad that we were able to be part of their learning.

“It was a great experience. I got to meet lots of Year 5s and find out what it’s like to teach. It was fun to see how the way you teach can have an impact on how much the children learn and how they learn best. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait until it’s my turn on the rota to go again!”  – Nehal

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