Art GCSE Exam

Jeremy Turner
Art GCSE Exam

This was Christina’s (11W) amazing Art GCSE creation produced during the recent 2 day Art exam on the theme of Fragments. It wasinspired by her older sister who is getting married later this year and is based on the work of an artist called Jamel Akhib and his style of creating movement through extended lines and abstract artistic elements.

Holly (11M) created a piece inspired by Lynn Skordal who collages – often basing her work on the human mind.

Gita’s amazing mixed media creation is based on the metaphor ‘spilling your guts out’ and is basically depicting someone telling the truth about themselves. It shows the two sides of a person – pretty and ugly, with the waves representing the person’s mental state and the flowers their soul.

Zoe (11M) created a large scale piece with high impact that is based on aspects of graffiti art and how something negative can be used in a creative and beautiful way.

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